For years we’ve been throwing events that started in the basement of a church. Finally, as the founder of The Grind, I’ve decided to document the process of the day-to-day activities I go through as the coordinator of our Ultra Art Bash. It’s not a perfect series, but I will get better at documenting as time goes by.

Hope you enjoy and gain some insight on how we Grind. If you like the video please hit the like button and subscribe to the channel. We have a lot of things coming your way.

As always… the Grind continues. ~Safiel Vonay

Vlog#1: Making of The Ultra Art Bash 18’ Series

It took years to build this creative movement in NYC to what it is today. From 10 attendees to 100's the backend work is rarely seen. So I decided to put the backend work into the forefront. This isn't the entirety of what goes into putting this event together, but it's a start for future insight into how we Grind.

Vlog #3: Shirts & Shopping

I have a ton of ideas when it comes to The Grind. On this vlog, I finally dive into this idea of getting The Grind on as many shirts as I can. Why? Because Im in love with the brand and want to represent it as much as i can.

Vlog #2: Details, details, details

Making things As an independent event coordinator, the devil is in the details. Being on a tight budget makes me innovate on how I'm going to get certain things into our events.