Street Rap & Strong Lyrics In "Go Down" With Jet Blacc Leek

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Jetblacc is among the few rappers in the game with very strong vocals. His voice sounds right on the beats. The track is a hit; anyone can jam to and those into street rap would love it. Everything from the instrumentals to the rhyming is perfect. The hook is extremely catchy and cocky at the same time “I’m bout to hit you with the go down, I’m gassing up and I aint even finna slow down, am bout to k** these m*****f****** on the go round.” He has embraced the old school type of flow and rap. It is not hard to guess that he is inspired by the godfathers of Hip Hop like 2Pac and Nas, where Jetblacc Leek pays homage through his lyricism and flow. and The lyrics are lethal and very confident and very macho, not letting no man feel that they could step to him. Jetblacc Leek is a grinder, competitive and focused on his.

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