Grinder of The Week: Twi$t Trap Dollas

The PA rapper ain't too far from the New York grind life. The artist came up with his brother GT Zelly on the other side of town. Becoming a favorite of his circle and peers in cyphers and rap battles, Twi$t was killin' the scene. Like all hustlers, sometimes challenges come our way. The rapper has started many brands and movements while having a child and relocating his entire life to Maryland for a better future. Don't get it twisted, the artist got stain for days in many cities, gaining love wherever his music is shown. His 4/20 friendly lyrics, street persona and smart-ass comebacks makes his artistry memorable.

Check out his latest visual "Give Em Hell":

Instagram: @fyf_twisttrapdollas

Twitter: @twisttrapdollas

Facebook: FyF Twi$t Trap Dolla