Grinder of The Week: "Bronx Dreams" With Richard Pigkaso

A member of the local scene and a multi-faceted artist, Richie comes through a drops a whole album on that a**. We've seen Richie kill us with his nostalgic Yo-Yo tricks all over the city, but when we heard he was also a rapper we just had to jam, support and see what the Bronx is really made of.

His lyrical ability is flawless and clean, easy to decipher. In "Bronx Dreams", the artist narrates his life as a talented rapper and coming across various challenges in New York city, from dating shrinks to being the illest Yo-Yo-er you've ever heard of. The best part? When he tells us that he almost lost his faith in his dreams and spirituality, but perseveres knowing that his musical ability is no average one and he is determined that will come out on top. Stories like Richard Pigkaso's are truly the foundation of The Grind. There Are Always Strings Attached is a great sonic collection of our times in the local art and music scene in New York.