Grinders of the Week: AQ the G.O.D. & Don Baptiste

A.Q. the G.O.D.’s new video is not your average video for an up and comer in the industry. It’s got both slow scenes and dynamic ones that fit A.Q. the G.O.D.’s flow like a glove. DONBAPTISTE and G.O.D.’s have done a tight job at finding the perfect scenery to match the vibe of the song. You can clearly feel their chemistry and artistry combine an energy that executes into a compelling visual.

The rapper has some fire lines, coming in with "I will never ever pay em mind, i'm too busy focusing on mine". The heartbreaker will go on with his music without the distraction. An admirable and vulnerable line like "still recording out of section 8", shows his determination and will to go after what he wants regardless of his environment.

We love musicians who are passionate about their craft. Bandanas, Gucci hats, palm trees and rhymes. The rapper flew across the country to boss up with his camera man and came back with a movie. Don Baptiste and the rapper are an incredible team together. Not everybody has the sweat equity for the grind.