Mosey Moseye pulled up and has no plans of leaving. Grinder of the week comes all the way from Fort Worth, Texas. "Child Celebrity" just dropped and we can't stop bumpin' his tunes. The southern rapper would fit perfectly on these mean New York streets with his demeanor and attitude. His fast and cocky lyrics along with his trendy rap-style are quite the match.

The young guy has a whole lot of mouth and probably fists to back it up. It's been a while we heard some hard ass lyrics in the new world of soft-voice rappers. As long as Mosey Moseye keeps his hard-shelled steelo, he'll be knocking other rappers out sooner than they recognize who he really is.

Mosey Moseye is truly a "Child Celebrity" and and certified grinder. We're waiting to hear more of him out in The Big Apple.


Check him out on:

Soundcloud:  Mosey Moseye

Instagram: @moyour100