Grinder of The Week: "Bronx Dreams" With Richard Pigkaso

A member of the local scene and a multi-faceted artist, Richie comes through a drops a whole album on that a**. We've seen Richie kill us with his nostalgic Yo-Yo tricks all over the city, but when we heard he was also a rapper we just had to jam, support and see what the Bronx is really made of.

His lyrical ability is flawless and clean, easy to decipher. In "Bronx Dreams", the artist narrates his life as a talented rapper and coming across various challenges in New York city, from dating shrinks to being the illest Yo-Yo-er you've ever heard of. The best part? When he tells us that he almost lost his faith in his dreams and spirituality, but perseveres knowing that his musical ability is no average one and he is determined that will come out on top. Stories like Richard Pigkaso's are truly the foundation of The Grind. There Are Always Strings Attached is a great sonic collection of our times in the local art and music scene in New York.

Grinder of The Week: Twi$t Trap Dollas

The PA rapper ain't too far from the New York grind life. The artist came up with his brother GT Zelly on the other side of town. Becoming a favorite of his circle and peers in cyphers and rap battles, Twi$t was killin' the scene. Like all hustlers, sometimes challenges come our way. The rapper has started many brands and movements while having a child and relocating his entire life to Maryland for a better future. Don't get it twisted, the artist got stain for days in many cities, gaining love wherever his music is shown. His 4/20 friendly lyrics, street persona and smart-ass comebacks makes his artistry memorable.

Check out his latest visual "Give Em Hell":

Instagram: @fyf_twisttrapdollas

Twitter: @twisttrapdollas

Facebook: FyF Twi$t Trap Dolla

Hip-Hop, Honesty & Positivity With Magix King In "Snow Bootz"

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Magix King uses Hip-Hop and honest lyricism to preach peace and positivity which is something most artists tend to ignore. This shows that Magix is a spiritual character. I can say that this is an optimistic rapper bypassing the hate and taking the negativity as he transforms it into something good. “The people are out here dying to make a difference but first I need you to listen, just follow me on my mission promise I got the vision”, the hook is very steady “I think you deserve everything and you can achieve it by chasing your dreams” it is a jam that when you need motivation then this is for you.  Magix delivers every line as it should be heard, when you hear “I know that I was born to move mountains, that’s weight you cannot haul” you know that the guy can do anything to reach where he is going. The song is not for the club heads, but for the woke people. It is a great hit for the grinders who are all about paper chasing. “First you find your wings and I promise we gon make fit”, the lyrics are fly and it is a track that is hard not to love…unless you are a hater.

Listen to Magix King On Soundcloud here.

Instagram: @MagixKing

Street Rap & Strong Lyrics In "Go Down" With Jet Blacc Leek

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Jetblacc is among the few rappers in the game with very strong vocals. His voice sounds right on the beats. The track is a hit; anyone can jam to and those into street rap would love it. Everything from the instrumentals to the rhyming is perfect. The hook is extremely catchy and cocky at the same time “I’m bout to hit you with the go down, I’m gassing up and I aint even finna slow down, am bout to k** these m*****f****** on the go round.” He has embraced the old school type of flow and rap. It is not hard to guess that he is inspired by the godfathers of Hip Hop like 2Pac and Nas, where Jetblacc Leek pays homage through his lyricism and flow. and The lyrics are lethal and very confident and very macho, not letting no man feel that they could step to him. Jetblacc Leek is a grinder, competitive and focused on his.

Listen to Jetblacc Leek & Hustle Vision Music here.

Instagram: @HustleVision_Music


WhoIsAriel's "No Sleep Till It's Over" Is A Track For Grinders

Now this is a track that defines master piece and great artistry. The type of work that only a talented and witty artist can bring to the table. He has embraced the Drake-era type of flow and with the slow beats as he successfully balances between defining his struggle, his passion and his circle. “Going back to the beast mode, not too many can say they doing it for the East Coast.” These are lines that tell you WhoIsAriel is from the streets and his lyrics represents his hood.

“A lot of people are there but never there for you, so when you see my glory don’t act like you know my story”. His detailed pen skills are hard to bypass “Picture worth a thousand words the album with familiar stories”, his album covering different societal issues. The song is graced with brag phrases that are missed in real hip-hop music “The things I do for my free time are exactly what am paid to do.” He comes out as a very bold artist who is ready to take on anyone that thinks they can mess with him, check this line “Who really messing with me this year? I’m cool with many but I only trust a few you” with unforgettable lines like “You only hear the things you need to hear, I only tell my business to trusted few.” I could conclude that WhoIsAriel is the legit deal and a complete artist with fire lines and natural talent.

His album, Zoose is a well-curated New York project with incredible bar and full-bodied production. The album is also multi-faceted, showing the complexities of the rapper’s penmanship. One thing for sure, WhoIsAriel executed a fire body of work that shows his grind and that itself deserves praise.









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Artist On The Grind: Scion Rae's "Doomile" Off Raesup EP


Scion Rae, who – besides having the flow and lyrical mastery also has a good ear for beats. The trap beat is as hardcore as trap gets, giving us a blend of a musical style between Kendrick, A$ap Rocky with the lyrical ability of Joey Bada$$. He transforms, not only in his lyrics while switching from a low key flow into aggressive mode but also turns the beat into a catchy and demanding song. From a stoned state of mind and a psychedelic vibe he goes on to spit about breaking out the shell and gives references to his older material. He’s not a sleeper, so sleeping on him is a no-no. The song is like an interactive lucid dream where he gives the listener some comfort, but suggests getting out of his comfort zone if he really wants that deep peace of mind. The lightbulb in our heads better light up in due time because we need to spread the love.


Check Scion Rae's new EP, "Raesup" below:

Grinder of the Week: Last Chantz “Rap, Money, Jealousy” Mixtape Review

Trap music can only go so far with the same recipe, the same flow pattern and repetitive lyrics. Last Chantz seems to be part of the positive new trend of rappers that strive for more by putting in work with their pen game and studio work. His mixtape “Rap, Money, Jealousy” has production value that could leave some MC’s coming into the game with their feelings hurt. Basically, every track with a mellow beat seems to be a standout, Last Chantz seems inspired by loyalty coupled with a sense of urgency as a long term key to success. “You never see the haters when you this high” isn’t the only punchline on this part of this piece. The Brooklyn standout goes all in with his rhymes about the street game. 


He reveals how he made his status escalate and even drops some good judgment for the ones who didn’t do their part on one of the dopest tracks – “Lights Flashing”. “These Niggaz play the victim they been plottin’ on you from start, cold heart, but you can’t live your life in the dark…” laced with a classic hook it’s a track that has replay value. Another song that deserves an honorable mention is “Who You Think You Are” where Last Chantz is on a serious vibe as he vents his anger out, flexing his flow which grips the dark beat like his life depended on it. “Time Ticking” goes from braggadocio rhymes to inspiring, motivational and uplifting messages to his target audience. The video single “Go insane” is more of what you’d expect from a trap song, though Last Chantz honesty is clear by his efforts in being consistent and putting a lot of energy throughout the mixtape.

Check out his latest music video "Go Insane" here:

IG: @_unknwnwealth

Artist on The Rise: "Guava Juice" Music Video By SHAYNE

Shayne’s single Guava Juice starts off as an up-tempo mojo track then switches to a melancholic beat in the middle of the song, as he changes the story into a self-confession of sorts. The minimalist trap beats let Shayne’s flow reach the forefront. What really stands out is his lyrical ability on a topic that’s covered so often – swag and relationships. The first part of the track talks about his adventure as a playa while the second part is about emotions, ending in sobering up and him realizing both “we’re just a drunken fantasy” – may be caused by all that Guava Juice. He’s obviously got the charisma and he’s photogenic, but that’s not all he’s about. He likes to have fun on beats and on camera but has also put in some work to polish his skill, as his tongue twister isn’t the basic nursery rhymes seen too often in new artists. The second beat is a mellow classic beat where Shayne does a little storytelling, switching his tone and his act, showing us his true reach as an MC. The flow adapts to the beat, but he drops a few notable lines like “Maybe she’s someone to lean on – chiropractor”.  His video is directed by ProLoveVisuals and he appears as a co-producer which means he’s got an eye for visuals. What makes it exceptional though is his body language and his sincere youthful appearance, which makes the video so engaging in the first place.


Check out his recently released mixtape, "Most Doubted" here:

Grinders of the Week: AQ the G.O.D. & Don Baptiste

A.Q. the G.O.D.’s new video is not your average video for an up and comer in the industry. It’s got both slow scenes and dynamic ones that fit A.Q. the G.O.D.’s flow like a glove. DONBAPTISTE and G.O.D.’s have done a tight job at finding the perfect scenery to match the vibe of the song. You can clearly feel their chemistry and artistry combine an energy that executes into a compelling visual.

The rapper has some fire lines, coming in with "I will never ever pay em mind, i'm too busy focusing on mine". The heartbreaker will go on with his music without the distraction. An admirable and vulnerable line like "still recording out of section 8", shows his determination and will to go after what he wants regardless of his environment.

We love musicians who are passionate about their craft. Bandanas, Gucci hats, palm trees and rhymes. The rapper flew across the country to boss up with his camera man and came back with a movie. Don Baptiste and the rapper are an incredible team together. Not everybody has the sweat equity for the grind. 

Grinder of the Week: aQthegod Drops "Difference" On Soundcloud

On difference, aQthegod goes in on a classy psychedelic beat with a shade of gray. We can hear his vocal abilities here as he does a bit of singing on the hook. The lyrics are about his reality, which even he is trying to get a grip on. His delivery is on a pro level as each word stands out – this isn’t any mumble rap.

“Money come and money go, can’t take it when you dead and gone; so I blow it like a runny nose” – aQthegod puts witty punchilines here and there to bring a unique vibe to the track. He knows he’s got to put in a lot of work to get his goals, but is also focusing on the present and trying to figure out who is down with him and see the reality behind all the talking. A great combo of new talent and old values will get him places, as long as he sticks to his plan. A young artist that knows that he can’t rely on other people to pull his weight means he’s got a good outlook on life.

Today, it takes putting your talent in different boxes and seeing which starts bringing in the dividends, but also looking out for what gives you the know-how to handle the game as you progress. There’s a lot of talent he’s competing against, but he’s got the tools to make it, he just needs to keep up the hustle.

Follow aQthegod on Soundcloud.

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