Hip-Hop, Honesty & Positivity With Magix King In "Snow Bootz"

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Magix King uses Hip-Hop and honest lyricism to preach peace and positivity which is something most artists tend to ignore. This shows that Magix is a spiritual character. I can say that this is an optimistic rapper bypassing the hate and taking the negativity as he transforms it into something good. “The people are out here dying to make a difference but first I need you to listen, just follow me on my mission promise I got the vision”, the hook is very steady “I think you deserve everything and you can achieve it by chasing your dreams” it is a jam that when you need motivation then this is for you.  Magix delivers every line as it should be heard, when you hear “I know that I was born to move mountains, that’s weight you cannot haul” you know that the guy can do anything to reach where he is going. The song is not for the club heads, but for the woke people. It is a great hit for the grinders who are all about paper chasing. “First you find your wings and I promise we gon make fit”, the lyrics are fly and it is a track that is hard not to love…unless you are a hater.

Listen to Magix King On Soundcloud here.

Instagram: @MagixKing



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