Artist On The Grind: Scion Rae's "Doomile" Off Raesup EP


Scion Rae, who – besides having the flow and lyrical mastery also has a good ear for beats. The trap beat is as hardcore as trap gets, giving us a blend of a musical style between Kendrick, A$ap Rocky with the lyrical ability of Joey Bada$$. He transforms, not only in his lyrics while switching from a low key flow into aggressive mode but also turns the beat into a catchy and demanding song. From a stoned state of mind and a psychedelic vibe he goes on to spit about breaking out the shell and gives references to his older material. He’s not a sleeper, so sleeping on him is a no-no. The song is like an interactive lucid dream where he gives the listener some comfort, but suggests getting out of his comfort zone if he really wants that deep peace of mind. The lightbulb in our heads better light up in due time because we need to spread the love.


Check Scion Rae's new EP, "Raesup" below:



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