Grinder of the Week: aQthegod Drops "Difference" On Soundcloud

On difference, aQthegod goes in on a classy psychedelic beat with a shade of gray. We can hear his vocal abilities here as he does a bit of singing on the hook. The lyrics are about his reality, which even he is trying to get a grip on. His delivery is on a pro level as each word stands out – this isn’t any mumble rap.

“Money come and money go, can’t take it when you dead and gone; so I blow it like a runny nose” – aQthegod puts witty punchilines here and there to bring a unique vibe to the track. He knows he’s got to put in a lot of work to get his goals, but is also focusing on the present and trying to figure out who is down with him and see the reality behind all the talking. A great combo of new talent and old values will get him places, as long as he sticks to his plan. A young artist that knows that he can’t rely on other people to pull his weight means he’s got a good outlook on life.

Today, it takes putting your talent in different boxes and seeing which starts bringing in the dividends, but also looking out for what gives you the know-how to handle the game as you progress. There’s a lot of talent he’s competing against, but he’s got the tools to make it, he just needs to keep up the hustle.

Follow aQthegod on Soundcloud.

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