Grinder of the Week: Last Chantz “Rap, Money, Jealousy” Mixtape Review

Trap music can only go so far with the same recipe, the same flow pattern and repetitive lyrics. Last Chantz seems to be part of the positive new trend of rappers that strive for more by putting in work with their pen game and studio work. His mixtape “Rap, Money, Jealousy” has production value that could leave some MC’s coming into the game with their feelings hurt. Basically, every track with a mellow beat seems to be a standout, Last Chantz seems inspired by loyalty coupled with a sense of urgency as a long term key to success. “You never see the haters when you this high” isn’t the only punchline on this part of this piece. The Brooklyn standout goes all in with his rhymes about the street game. 


He reveals how he made his status escalate and even drops some good judgment for the ones who didn’t do their part on one of the dopest tracks – “Lights Flashing”. “These Niggaz play the victim they been plottin’ on you from start, cold heart, but you can’t live your life in the dark…” laced with a classic hook it’s a track that has replay value. Another song that deserves an honorable mention is “Who You Think You Are” where Last Chantz is on a serious vibe as he vents his anger out, flexing his flow which grips the dark beat like his life depended on it. “Time Ticking” goes from braggadocio rhymes to inspiring, motivational and uplifting messages to his target audience. The video single “Go insane” is more of what you’d expect from a trap song, though Last Chantz honesty is clear by his efforts in being consistent and putting a lot of energy throughout the mixtape.

Check out his latest music video "Go Insane" here:

IG: @_unknwnwealth



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