Artist on The Rise: "Guava Juice" Music Video By SHAYNE

Shayne’s single Guava Juice starts off as an up-tempo mojo track then switches to a melancholic beat in the middle of the song, as he changes the story into a self-confession of sorts. The minimalist trap beats let Shayne’s flow reach the forefront. What really stands out is his lyrical ability on a topic that’s covered so often – swag and relationships. The first part of the track talks about his adventure as a playa while the second part is about emotions, ending in sobering up and him realizing both “we’re just a drunken fantasy” – may be caused by all that Guava Juice. He’s obviously got the charisma and he’s photogenic, but that’s not all he’s about. He likes to have fun on beats and on camera but has also put in some work to polish his skill, as his tongue twister isn’t the basic nursery rhymes seen too often in new artists. The second beat is a mellow classic beat where Shayne does a little storytelling, switching his tone and his act, showing us his true reach as an MC. The flow adapts to the beat, but he drops a few notable lines like “Maybe she’s someone to lean on – chiropractor”.  His video is directed by ProLoveVisuals and he appears as a co-producer which means he’s got an eye for visuals. What makes it exceptional though is his body language and his sincere youthful appearance, which makes the video so engaging in the first place.


Check out his recently released mixtape, "Most Doubted" here:



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