When you want to Give Up...

By: Safiel Vonay

That thought. The squeezing in your stomach. Disappointment? Stress? Lack of this… lack of that…

Quitting. For many, the easiest thing to do, for Grinders the hardest thing to actually go through with. But it’s still there. And many times life hits us with an over-whelming amount of obstacles that internally devour you.

We start off a business, and it might not go off as we want it to.

We spend endless hours making art, music, writing… and it seems no one is interested in it

We put our heart and souls into putting together an event, and no one shows up

It hurts, but it’s part of the Grind.

As the founder of TheGrind we’ve had countless of times that Quitting was on the corner of our mind. We’ve had failures on failures with no returns. Personal issues and stress that seemed unsurmountable.

We’ve thought about it.

2017 Art Bash- So close to rescheduling and even canceling this event… Thankful we didn’t. Photo by Matt Olgivie

2017 Art Bash- So close to rescheduling and even canceling this event… Thankful we didn’t. Photo by Matt Olgivie

But at the end of the day, we just don’t know how to. Even with a thousand voices in your head telling you so many negative things, don’t quit. If you can imagine yourself as a happy individual doing what you are doing, keep going towards it.

I’ve learned from experience that it was in continuing to go, after the hardest hits, that the return comes ten fold. Back in 2017, during an event where all odds were against us; losing our entire team, having to change venues, having to pay so many extra fees, personal issues- in the last week before our 2017 Art Bash- we were so close to saying “I QUIT.”

We didn’t.

We buckled down and thought closely about every single problem as an obstacle. Instead of thinking “why me” we thought “how do we get over these obstacles? what tasks do we need to do to get over this?”

It was stressful, but at the end of that event that was one of the biggest events we’ve ever had. If you’re going through it, if you’re thinking about quitting. Think about what would happen 5 to 10 years when you look back and think what could have been if you had just held on.

If you will regret it…. don’t quit.

I hope this can help someone out there to never stop dreaming, never stop working, and never stop growing. The Grind is hard, but it’s a beautiful journey.

Let us know: what was the most memorable time that made you want to quit? What happened? Did you quit or continue and why? We’d love to know your Grind.

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