How to Save in 2019

When most people are living paycheck to paycheck, one may think that saving is basically impossible to do. Whether you want to reach some financial goals in order to invest in something, you want to have an emergency fund, or you’d like to get ready for the future, saving is pretty important. Here are a few tips on how you can become more conscious of your money in 2019 and start stacking those pesos:

  1. Find out how much you’re spending

    No one wants to do this because deep down they know their spending money on a lot of stupid things. But although the truth hurts, it can also set you free. For two weeks, make it a goal to jot down all of your expenses. Find out exactly where you’re spending all of your hard earned cash. Download apps like Spending Tracker to help you out automatically. Then at the end of those two weeks, go through all of your expenses and see what you’ve been splurging on. Are you unnecessarily over spending on eating out? Buy groceries. Are you going to too many movies? Get netflix instead. Become aware of where your money is going and you’ll be able to maneuver your cash consciously.

  2. Make those Budgets

    Instead of cutting down or telling yourself you “wont spend any more money on this or that” create budgets instead. Look at your income and break down each category on how much you’re going to spend. This way you know exactly how much you’re allowed to take out your wallet before throwing your money blindly at those things you like to buy. Through time you’d be able to cut down or move around your cash.

  3. Focus on more than just saving

    Even though savings are great, you should also focus on a bigger goal, like investing. That vacation might be great for the week trip, but once you get back you’ll be right in the bottom again working to save from the beginning. Keep in mind that there are ways to get your money to work for you, mostly if you’re a creative. Study passive income and investments, think more long term. Getting money to work for you in the future could be the best thing you do and it can start with your savings. Do your homework and learn about it, because your future depends on it.

  4. Download Automatic Saving Apps

    This one has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY. So there are apps out there that you can set rules with and they’ll basically save for you. Let’s say, you want to save $5 a week, the app will automatically take it out of your account and stash it for you in a virtual savings account. You forget about it and it basically compounds. Personally, I use the app called Qapital and have been saving for some personal goals lately. It’s worked amazingly, and even has the option to bring in other people to save with me. Out of all the ways to save, this one is certainly the easiest.

Everyday should be a day we aim to grow, whether it’s physically, mentally and even financially. Start caring about your finances now, because no matter how many people say money is evil, it is still a resource that funds our dreams and our aspirations. See money like a skill that needs to be mastered, and know that the more you learn about it, the easier it is to obtain. Hopefully, these tips can be helpful to someone out there looking to save some cash for this new year!

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