The 18' Ultra Art Bash

By: Safiel Vonay

It’s been about 4 days since The Grind Ultra Art Bash and I’m finally just having some time to sit and write this post. What can be said… one of the most magical and stressful days of my life. We’ll focus on the stresses in another blog and you guys can check them out on the vlogs as well. But for this post, I just wanted to outline some of the amazing things that happened this event.

An Attendee got The Grind Tattooed on their Arm

So before the event happened, I asked the flash tattoo artist to add the Grind logo as one of their options. Honestly, I’d forgotten about the request until someone told me an attendee was getting the name tattooed on their arm. This was the highlight of the entire event for me, personally. For someone to believe so much in the movement to get it tattoo’d on their arm, my life has been made! By the way, I promised myself that once The Grind reaches 1,000 attendees, I will be getting mine. So stay up to date with that promise ;)

HUNDREDS of Master Pieces!

The Grind brings out so many amazing artists, but I was flabbergasted by the hundreds of beautiful pieces that filled the entire space. From Canvases to marble art, the diversity in the creativity within the wareohuse was out of this world.



The NYC Grind began as a monthly open mic for all artists in Queens NYC. We have grown to bi-monthly warehouse parties showcasing hundreds of artists to now our very own studio in LIC NY. We provide a platform to artists of all mediums to share their work, meet new people and connect with talents from all over the NYC area. The Grind also connects artists with necessary services such as cinematography, video editing and even sound engineering for artists who want to take their taint to the next level. You have Talent. We host Event.