So you want to sell more art huh? You got the craft on point, the canvases are filled with your masterpieces, and you’re ready to share your work with the world. You take the big leap of faith, add a few pictures of your work on Instagram, tag some prices on it and BAM. Nothing. It seems the world is out to lunch. So here we compiled a few tips on getting more sales for your artwork:


Make sure your level of Art is buyable:

 We all want to make money off of what we love to do. But sometimes we get sucked into the “getting money” part that the whole “craft” part dwindles somewhere in the distance. If you want to sell your work, make sure you’ve created enough to pronounce your work sellable. Even though everyone has their different opinion on art, as an artist, only YOU know when your work is ready to sell. You’ll feel it in you when you stare at your finished work and the light bulb clicks.






-Artwork Heroes

 The internet has become a perfect medium to take your art to the next level. You are now able to sell prints, tote-bags, phone cases and even pillows with your work on it to audiences that may have never seen it before. These are just a few of the platforms out there that you can add your work into, check them out and start selling!

Pinpoint Your Prospective Audience

If you make artwork of hip hop legends and are aiming your online posts, or going to more modern art events, there may be a misalignment in your art and your audience.  Learn who your audience is. When you go to art shows, WHO is paying attention to your work more? When you post your art online and someone comments on it, WHAT is their background. Once you find out WHO these potential buyers are, look at your prices. If you’re selling your art for hundreds of dollars, going to young underground shows may be your niche, if you’re selling in the thousands, look at the income brackets of where your potential buyers live, hangout and shop. That’s where you’ll want to put up your work!


The more eyes are on your work, the more chance you get to having someone to buy your art. Murals are a great way to showcase your work in high traffic zones while obtaining some free promotion, nonstop. Go to local stores with your artwork printed out (professional) and ask dozens of business owners if you could do a mural for them. Don’t ask for some big payout! Your goal is to be able to plaster your art in front of the HUNDREDS of people walking by. Make sure you add your name, a website or your social media handle CLEARLY on top of your work! Get your work painted on AS MANY PUBLIC SPACE AS POSSIBLE. Legally of course!  


Got a rapper friend, a singer or someone looking for an album cover? Is an event coordinator throwing having an event that might need flyer art that’ll match your work? Collaborate with them! Either charge low for the first few ones but agree to terms that they need to tag you on any of their posts or put your name on the work. How will this sell more artwork? When other people that are NOT in your circle see your art, they want to know more. Make it the best art you can make and there WILL be people contacting you about your art or paying you for a commission.


By the way: Check out our next Bash this December 15th. Click on the flyer for more info!

By the way: Check out our next Bash this December 15th. Click on the flyer for more info!

Events are a great way to not only connect with other artists, and possible clients, but it is the field where you get firsthand experience on how your art is viewed. Connections, relationships and opinions are much more easily built in person than on the internet. When you go to an event, make sure you are networking with everyone. If you can, WEAR something under the style of your art so potential customers KNOW it’s you. Follow all the new people you meet and tag them on one of our photos so they don’t forget you. Learn and listen to others as they spend time looking at your work. What piece grabs more attention? What medium seems to attract more eyes? What face did customers have when you tell them the price? All of these pieces of information will assist you when you get back to your lab ready to create more.



If you’re beginning out or a coming up artist, focus more on getting as many eyes on your work as possible. Master your craft, while you’re building your audience and you will see that the sales will come on their own. Work until you hone your own style that is easy to tell apart from other artists and then grind it out until everyone has seen your work! Try different things and keep note of what works! Selling art is an art form of it’s own. Listen to the different lingo it demands! But overall, keep creating and showing your art to the world! The art will soon sell itself!



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