Grind Code: 11 Gems To Follow

By: Safiel Vonay

Are you about your hustle? Are you sure? Well here’s 11 Gems you should know we look out for when talking to artists and Grinders of all kinds. See if you adhere to any of them.

1.Be Early, not on time

Want to make a lasting impression? Be early, not on time. Got an interview? A meet up? A deadline? Get there early. It puts you ahead of the game.

2. Overdeliver

If you’re going to do a job, do it to the best of your abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been asked to or not, when you over-deliver it sends out a message. You’re not fucking around. You’re dope. You don’t do mediocrity, and that my friend, opens so many doors.

3. Ask Questions

Get clear on what you are doing, on what you’re trying to do and on what you need to know to achieve those goals. Ask questions! Don’t be ashamed, don’t be shy, don’t be scared. You got information that needs to be learned, ask!

4. Listen more than Talk

The sound of your voice may be your favorite melody, but listening to yourself talk while others are trying to express themselves isn’t helpful in learning. This one goes especially for those trying to find mentors and those collaborating with others. Our egos can get in the way of learning valuable things from others simply by not letting others speak. Learn to listen, listen to learn.

5. Work Harder

The harder you work the more you learn. The more you learn, the better you can manage your work. Narrow in your vision on the GOAL, the bigger dream, break it down and WORK.

6. Learn from people that know more than you

Seek professionals in your industry. Reach out to artists who make a living from their work. Ask questions. Reach out to movements that are in the field of what you do and are where you want to be. Ask questions. Work for them. Volunteer. Intern. LEARN. Your learning curve can grow so much faster by learning from others than trying to learn everything on your own.

7. Keep Your Word

If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT. Stop talking so much and not delivering. Put out the album you said you’re gonna release. Write the book you said you’d publish. Book the shows you said you’d book. If you’re just talking to temporarily motivate yourself, it’s better to keep your ideas to yourself. You are judged by what you do, not what you say.

8. Don’t ask to take if you’re not willing to give

The GOLDEN gem! If you’re going to ask for anything, make sure you’re giving something in return. And no, I don’t mean money, I don’t mean gifts. Take into consideration that if you are asking someone for their time, if you’re asking someone for a professional opinion, for advice, for a collaboration, for anything… be willing to offer something that shows you understand the value that is being handed to you. If you’ve never thrown an event in your lifetime, and you’re asking a company that has busted their ass for years in event coordination to collaborate on an event… do the math. Be conscious of what you’re asking for, it shows your level of awareness and value for other peoples time and work.

9. Research before Asking Questions that have already been answered

What time do I get there? Where is it? How many this? How many that? Before asking anyone questions, unless NO information has been provided to you, research! Nothing yells “I didn’t feel like reading the email” more than asking questions that have been answered multiple times. You are a Grinder! Educate yourself on necessary information! Yes it’s great to ask questions, but only within the capacity that you can’t find the answer yourself.

10. Complaints are Guides

Two things to do when you catch yourself complaining about something. 1. Figure out a way to fix what you’re complaining about. 2. Get away from it and stop complaining.

11. Set your Standards

Don’t settle on anything or anyone that doesn’t make you better, or brings you peace. A Grinder will move alone if need be until they connect with others that resonate with their vision and their vibe. Know your standards, be truthful about them and stay rigid about them.

Those are some quick Gems I’ve used in my journey at The Grind. Anything you agree or disagree on? Let me know. Until then, Grind on.



The NYC Grind began as a monthly open mic for all artists in Queens NYC. We have grown to bi-monthly warehouse parties showcasing hundreds of artists to now our very own studio in LIC NY. We provide a platform to artists of all mediums to share their work, meet new people and connect with talents from all over the NYC area. The Grind also connects artists with necessary services such as cinematography, video editing and even sound engineering for artists who want to take their taint to the next level. You have Talent. We host Event.