Top 5 NYC Open Mics

NYCs Top Open Mics

NYC is filled with tons of events for performing artists, singers, poets, rappers, dancers and musicians alike. Open Mic's are on the top lists for performers to get their music out there; test out the waters and collect new fans. Check out our Top 5 list of NYC Open Mic's:

Nuyoricans Poetry Cafe

1. Nuyorican's Monday Night Open Mic

Photo by The Wall Street Journal

If you’re looking for a NYC Open Mic, this is one of the top to hit up. We don’t know how long the Nuyoricans Poets Café has been running, but it’s a legendary space to poets and performing creative alike in the jungle of NYC. Every Monday, you can line up with almost a hundred ambitious and anxious performers for a chance to sign up and perform a 5-minute set.

2. Inspired Word NYC

Inspired Word

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Mike Geffner is the creator and mastermind behind his series of Open Mics.

What’s different about the Inspired Word, it’s not a one-day a week shin-dig. This guy has an arsenal of Open Mics with different themes behind them. Unlike the Nuyoricans high vibes and energy, the Inspired Word has more of a relaxed tone and attracts a bit of an older crowd. So whatever floats your boat with your work, make sure you check out the website for the entire list of their Open Mics.

3. Grinders Mic Open Mic

Grinders Mic

Photo by Victoria Tarantino

Yeah! We’re plugging ourselves in! And double yeah! We have our own Open Mic. How’s that for Grindin’. The Grinders Mic is a monthly Open Mic hosted by our very own TheNYCGrind. Because our usual art/concert events are way too big for an Open Mic, we decided to create our very own event to give shine to performers, and musicians alike. So get your act together, you have 4 minutes to show our 90+ attendees your talent! Make it good!

4. Live Mondays

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 9.43.24 PM.png

Photo by @Livemondays

A Showcase and Open Mic based both in NYC and in LA! We know a ton of amazing, and excruciatingly good performers that go to this Open Mic. You want quality musicians and artists, Live Mondays Open Mic is the mic for you!

5 Minute Live Open Mic

5. 5 Minutes Live Open Mic

Also located in The Nuyoricans Poets Café, the collective BodyofArts hosts their 5 Minutes Live Open Mic on certain Thursdays of the month. This Open Mic reels in more hip hop artists, but there have been some great performances from all genres alike. Check out their IG page to stay up to date with the next Open Mic.

So there you have it. Our top 5 list of Open Mics in NYC. So get your planning on and take a visit to each of these awesome events. And don’t forget to invite your friends. Grind on!



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