Planet X Compilation

photo by Blammo7

photo by Blammo7

written by: Esthefany Castillo

To say I was excited about Planet X is an understatement and yet I still underestimated how amazing it’d actually be. I have to admit, when my friend Juliana and I first arrived I walked pass the venue because i didn’t think it was it. I thought to myself, “nah, this can’t be it.” I was expecting a warehouse on an isolated street with a heavy iron door, like the many others in Brooklyn. Instead, we were greeted by a nicely lit front patio with small warm toned bulbs hanging across the dark open sky. After Juliana and I walked through, we passed a few groups of friends hanging out and grabbing a smoke on picnic benches. We continue walking and make our way into Terra Firma -- a bar in Williamsburg that prides itself in it’s earthy chic aesthetics. I was still in denial that we were at the right place. We were at the right place though! The back of the bar leads us to a warehouse house space where over 100 hundred female artists are showcasing their work. I’m not lying when I say, there was barely any white space left on the walls. Not to mention, the whole time young women with radiant energies are walking through the space blessing it with their presence. Juliana’s exact words were, “I’ve never seen so many beautiful and cool looking people in one place.”


   The NYC Grind opened it’s doors at 8 PM and immediately the show began the open mic that showcased performers Jem and Secret. Amongst the opening acts was CoolKidBrit, who blessed the stage with some hot 16s. DJ and team member UniqBeing then took it from there with curator and host SeeSantana who kept hyping up the crowd all night. At any moment you could spot her in the crowd shouting out artists’ work, hyping up those who were dancing, and taking pictures with people in the crowd. All the while, artists like Toushai and JaysCreations remained focused live painting, both on canvases and bodies. The event continued through midnight with an all female cypher, a hip-hop violinist named BriBlvck, a poet and dancer who goes by Thugnvsty, and dancer Lorda Mercy.


I left the event completely in awe at how much talent was present. I think what allowed for this to be so was that Planet X was intentionally very inclusive when it came to the kind of work that was showcased. The freedom artists were given with what they were able to submit made the event accessible to very different artistic mediums. Artists were free to submit anywhere from one small piece of work to a complete collection. It almost made me regret not submitting anything because I thought I would need a full body of work. It’s the way most art shows want photographers to submit, but Planet X was not like any art show I’ve been too; it was exciting and the atmosphere was free of the pretentious vibes that often deter people from going to them in the first place.

I could keep writing, but I know words will not be enough to express how successful we at the NYCGrind feel about the event. Here is a compilation video by PhoenixxFlix and New.Work to help do this year’s Planet X some justice:

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If you've enjoyed reading, show our girl some love and follow her on Instagram: @es.steph and Twitter: @itsEsthefany_. You can find more of her writing at

Esthefany Castillo is a Dominican-American writer/blogger here in NYC. She was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in the South Bronx, and is currently residing in Harlem. Esthefany is a free-spirited creative by nature. She's into different forms of art, some that she can actually make and others that she really enjoys and admire. Aside from wiring, Esthefany enjoys getting lost in music, picking her things up and traveling last minute, being a bad bitch and all the sass and self-love it entails, connecting intimately with friends especially when it's us "Milly Rock" passing the joint to our left, and all things zen like (trap) yoga, meditating, and spirituality. 



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