Written by Safiel Vonay           

            It’s time to get real with our selves. Life is not a highway; it’s more like a rocky mountain with no roads. And many times we find a really nice view, a nice rock to sit on and we begin to overstay those ‘breaks.’ You whip out your book and water bottle and soon enough the sun starts to set, and we settle. That inner talk within your brain begins to sound something like: “Well tomorrow will be a better day to travel” or “I deserve to stay here for a while” and so the excuses and days pile.

            Does this sound like you? If you aren’t sure, check your mental To-do lists. Have you been putting away tasks that were going to lead you to a certain goal for a while now? Were you supposed to write a new song a week ago? How’s that chapter to your book going along? Wasn’t that supposed to be done a month ago? Any meetings you keep pushing for a ‘less hectic’ day?

            Excuses are like warning signs before an accident; it’s best to be very attentive of them before anything happens. I’ve fallen prey into moments such as these, which is exactly why I’m writing about it now. We all are susceptible to creating excuses, however many of us don’t realize that they are indeed that- excuses. In fact, most people believe that their excuses are reasons, and so their postponing of goals, tasks, and more become habitual.

            Creating excuses can be dangerous to our futures, mostly for Grinders who want to chase their dreams. Consistency in postponing your goals can result in procrastination, laziness, and a drop in morale.


How Do I Stop Making Excuses?:


             Glad you asked! If you’re on the road for success, there is no time for excuses. However, sometimes we fall off track and the first thing to do is:


1.     Become aware that you are indeed making excuses! Postponing important things to hang out with friends is not a reason! Treat your inner tasks like you would your Boss. I’m sure if you tell your boss that you cant go to work today because you have a show to watch, you won’t be working for long. Be conscious of the ‘reasons’ you’re giving yourself when you change plans.

2.     Look at the Bigger Picture. Think about the ultimate goal. How much more will these excuses prolong your road to success? Are your excuses putting your goals at risk? Are they making you comfortable? Yes? Those are red flags and it means you are becoming unfocused.

3.     Write your excuses down. My biggest excuse (or form of procrastination) is “I’ll do it when I get home.” Write down all of the statements you make mentally and verbally that are excuses. Things like “I don’t have enough time” “I don’t have the resources” “I cant because…” are all forms of excuses, and when you write them down, you will be able to differentiate them when you hear yourself blurting them out.

4.     Tackle those excuses with work. As soon as you’ve got those excuses in front of you, find out how you’re going to react to them! I’ve fought my excuse by tackling it with doing things IMMEDIATELY, not waiting until ‘I get home’ and forget.


Get your inner coach to call you out on those excuses! And if you can get your friends to call you out too, the better! There is no time to waste on making excuses or procrastinating, you have a dream to build and that takes extreme Focus. Don’t expect one day results either, but get to know the annoying voice of the ‘excuse monster’ and you will be able to move forward with your plans with a stronger sense of purpose and drive!


Grind on Grinders! If you find this blog post helpful please leave a comment and share with friends. Until next week, the Grind continues. 



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