Ready, Set, Go! Building a Vision Board

Written by: Esthefany Castillo 

     I’m an artist that draws and paints images with words - a writer. For any artist looking to perfect their craft, it’s only natural that one would turn to others who have already succeeded in doing what we aspire to one day accomplish. I draw a lot of my inspirations for writers of color, especially women who have paved the way for voices like mine to one day be heard by the masses.

     A few years ago I came across Octavia E. Butler, she’s an African-American female writer who undeniably left a legacy in the sci-fi realm of literature, one largely dominated by white men. In essence, the true definition of an intellectual badass and Black Girl Magic! After she passed in 2016, her journals were released and they revealed something that left everyone fascinated. She claimed her success before it was ever actualized! Butler wrote, “I shall be a bestselling author. After Imago, each of my books will be on the top list of the LAT, NYT, PW, WP, etc.” It’s almost magical the way she wrote affirmations of her future success only to have them be manifested ten fold.

     I’m not sure if it’s been scientifically proven, but nonetheless there are a lot of people who believe in the power of setting intentions and writing them down as a way to actualize them. Another example, is Jim Carey. On an interview with Oprah he shared that he would often imagine himself being rich while actually dead broke. He wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars and told himself that if he hadn’t made it by the end of three to five years he’d give up acting. He folded it up and put the check in his wallet. “The paper deteriorate and deteriorated” he told Oprah, until a little before the five year mark he found out he’d be making $10 Million for his starring role in Dumb and Dumber. Visualizing our goals and writing things down really helps sets things  motion!

     Then you have people like me who have 837594 thoughts running through their mind daily and who can’t fathom holding onto a piece of paper for years; or for whom going back to that one journal entry on the regular seems like a burden. I’d need to hang that paper up on my wall, but that’s way too boring. As an artist, I am very visual; I need color, I need life! This is why I started using a vision board.

     A vision board, also known as a mood board, is a board of any shape that displays images that represent what you want to be, do, or acquire in your life. We already spent countless hours visualizing our next projects in our head so why not sprinkle a little bit of that vision into the real world. I originally wanted my vision board to show all of the things I want to accomplish through my writing in 2017. Mid-way through making it, I realized that a lot of the images and words I was cutting out were really reflective of the personal growth I did in 2016 and ultimately the kind of person I want to be in 2017. My board is a mix of things that remind me of my power, the things I want to do this year, and the things that inspire me. Through this process I realized I already think about my goals day in and out; in all honesty they keep me up at night. However, what’s important for me to see everyday are constant reminders that I am capable and able of accomplishing them.

Examples of Vision Boards: 

Examples of Vision Boards: 



Making a Vision Board


  • Poster board

  • Old Magazines, look books,postcards,  printed images etc.

  • Scissors

  • Glue


  1. On a piece of paper write down the things your like your board to represent

  2. Cut out images that speak to you (be flexible if when doing this new ideas come to you)

  3. Get creative! Arrange the things you cut out in a way that best speaks to you

  4. Choose a place to hang or set  set your vision board

  5. Prepare yourself to continuously be inspired!

About the author:

If you've enjoyed reading, show our girl some love and follow her on Instagram:  @es.steph  and Twitter:  @itsEsthefany_ . You can find more of her writing at . 

If you've enjoyed reading, show our girl some love and follow her on Instagram: @es.steph and Twitter: @itsEsthefany_. You can find more of her writing at

Esthefany Castillo is a Dominican-American writer/blogger here in NYC. She was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in the South Bronx, and is currently residing in Harlem. Esthefany is a free-spirited creative by nature. She's into different forms of art, some that she can actually make and others that she really enjoys and admire. Aside from wiring, Esthefany enjoys getting lost in music, picking her things up and traveling last minute, being a bad bitch and all the sass and self-love it entails, connecting intimately with friends especially when it's us "Milly Rock" passing the joint to our left, and all things zen like (trap) yoga, meditating, and spirituality. 





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